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We Don’t Speak German. Is that a Problem?

Do you feel uncomfortable speaking German? Maybe it’s not your mother tongue or you simply don’t like it?

Don’t worry!

I’m more than happy to practice my rusty English and conduct your Newborn session in English. Personally, as a photographer I believe that pictures and photos tell a story without needing words. However, since we’ll be talking while taking the pictures I want you to feel as comfortable and easy as you possibly can. And if that’s by speaking English – all the better! Quick sidenote to explain my euphoria with English: I read English studies in university and also spent an amazing semester abroad in Wales. That’s why I’m always excited to be getting the chance of talking in English.

No matter whether accompanying your wedding ceremonny and day or capturing some unique moments during your pregnancy or the precious days just after your newborn baby has arrived in your family.


I got you. Let’s capture your story!

Wedding photography and Newborn photography in Frankfurt, Wetteraukreis and Rhein-Main.


Questions? Leave a message.

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